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25/09/12 - Two Kangaroos

"Two kangaroos were living in a zoo pen with a 20-foot high fence. One morning, both kangaroos were found wandering around the zoo, and were quickly put back in their pen, and the fence was put up to 30 feet.  more info

12/06/12 - Timber Treatment & Post Failures

As a result of a recent survey of issues facing EFIA members, problems and uncertainty related to timber treatment and premature failure seems to be high on the agenda.  more info

22/06/11 - Fencing Jokes

Anyone have any jokes or amusing anecdotes about Fencing or Fencers?  more info

17/11/10 - Which Auger?

There are a multitude of different post hole boring machines and attachments, e.g. Kanga's, Bobcat's, Avant's to name but a few.  more info

28/09/10 - Steel Prices

What is happening to steel prices currently? Are they rising, falling or stable? Where are they anticipated tobe in next 12 months?  more info

13/09/10 - Economic Outlook

How is the current economic situation as you see it, affecting the fencing industry? Comments please.  more info

13/09/10 - British Standards

QUINQUENNIAL REVIEW BS 1722 This standard is being revisited by a team of people in the fencing industry with the object of reviewing each part of the standard .  more info